Guberment Health Care

I’m told that insurance companies are ripping us off. So are pharmaceutical companies. And, as you learned from the President recently, doctors are making money by performing unnecessary surgeries.

But, do not despair. Your Federal Government is coming to the rescue with a $1.5 trillion (allegedly) health care bill. Unlike insurance and pharmaceutical companies, politicians are forever honest and generous and, therefore, far better than your doctor to trust with your health. Don’t believe me, just look what a good job government has done with the $1 billion  “Cash for Clunkers” program. So $1.5 trillion should be a snap to administer.

There has been a lot of claims and counter-claims regarding the provisions of the House version. But I think you can cut through it all by asking, “if this is such a good idea, why doesn’t Congress sign up for it?”


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