Ted Kennedy’s Legacy

My condolences to the the family of Ted Kennedy in their time of loss. I would not wish cancer on anyone.

In the interest of balance and fairness, considering how the media are fawning over the passing of Senator Kennedy, I offer the following, from the discoverthenetworks.org blog:


The British were not very flattering either:

Spare me the beatification of Teddy Kennedy


IRA sympathiser Ted Kennedy

And from the 84rules blog:


Finally, again from the UK Telegraph.

My favorite line from the above being, “America is the one country on earth where only the rich are socialists.”

Ted Kennedy represented privilege, which has been defined as “private law,” meaning one law for you and another for Ted. Perhaps his college-age cheating can be forgiven as an error of youth, like W Bush’s drinking.  But how does one classify the way he slandered Judge Bork? How do we deal with his double-crossing of the South Vietnamese? Or how about his collaboration with the KGB against a sitting President, Ronald Reagan? In his private life he was responsible for the death of one young woman and the sexual harassment, even assault, of many others.

And we get all excited because some kid might look up to a steroid-using sports star. That seems pretty innocent to me compared to the whole media and political culture looking up to Ted Kennedy. May he rest in peace. It will take us years to undo the legislative damage he has wrought.


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