All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men

Those of you with an undiluted faith in government as the solution to all our problems may want to take the time to reflect on your faith in the context of current events.

George Bush was held responsible and attacked viciously for the Federal Government’s response to hurricane Katrina. The unstated assumption being that the President was incompetent and, presumably, another President would have done a much better job. Bush was also condemned for the economy and his anti-terrorist efforts including his leadership as Commander and Chief.

All we had to do for the Federal Government to live up to its potential as panacea for all human ills was to replace the moron in the oval office with someone, anyone, with an IQ above a house plant. What a treat it was to find, not just anyone, but a veritable super-human, to assume the mantle of the Presidency.

So you would think, to a super-human, pesky little problems such as wars (have we caught Bin Laden?), unemployment and oil spills could be handled expeditiously between golf games.

No, you say? Why? Because the Bush legacy was far, far worse than Obama anticipated? You mean Senator  Obama didn’t know what he was getting into before he was elected? Not very Messianic of him. Still, the good Senator must have thought he knew what was going on when he promised to repair the economy, create jobs and save the Planet.

So, why after almost two years is the economy still in the dumps, unemployment still high and the Planet left unsaved? Well, many could point to a lot of counter-productive actions by the Obama administration. If only we had a smarter, better …

Or, on the other hand, why is it that we don’t ever seem have smarter and better politicians to lead us to the Promised Land?

Is it possible that faith in the power of the Federal Government to do good is misplaced? Is it possible that there is no one nor any group smart enough and wise enough to manage a centrally planned, top down, one-size-fits-all government? We certainly have had enough contestants from Lenin to Stalin and Mao, from Castro to Pol Pot and Chavez. Yet, none have created more comfort and prosperity than they started with.

Or worse, is it possible that there are problems that the government simply cannot fix, no matter who is in charge or how many horses and men are drafted? I am not suggesting that our problems cannot ever be solved. Just that empowering the government to do more isn’t the solution. It would be interesting to ask Humpty Dumpty what he thinks.


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