There are people who throw around the accusation of racism at the drop of a hat. Because doing that is a key Marxist tactic it’s a good marker for identifying Marxists, socialists and other misfits.

But I’ve never really, until now, had a satisfying term to encompass all the different individuals who so casually make the accusation that others are racists.

I’ve decided to label them raceholes. The etymology of the word isn’t very clear so don’t even try to look it up. I can’t even define it very well except by example.

For instance, say that someone tells you that racism is at the heart of the immigration debate. Since the words Latino, Hispanic and Cuban, as well as every other description of Central and South Americans identifies an ethnicity or nationality rather than a race, you can be  fairly confident that the person you are speaking with is a racehole. Did Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball have an interracial marriage?

Or maybe someone you know tells you that the war in Iraq or Afghanistan is a racist war. Since people from the Mid-East are classified as Caucasians that person is most likely a racehole.

And if someone disagrees with your politics and, because you believe in limited government, calls you a racist, then it’s a good bet that you are talking to a racehole.

See how it works? The stupid thing is that the whole concept of race is pretty ill defined and, over the years, different advocates of the racial divisions of mankind have put different peoples into different classifications and even changed the number of official races and sub-races. Meyers had three main races but Coon had five. According to Coon, people from India are Caucasian.

There is no objective standard. Even the term ethnicity is imprecise. What do you do about an atheist Italian who loves Thai food? But it’s very important for those demagogues who would rule us to establish false rivalries. So the notion of race not only lives on, but is emphasized the most by people who pretend to be above it all.


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