Get a Little Bloody

Ah yes. I’ve enjoyed basking in the new civility as I watch events unfold in Wisconsin. The protests against the taxpayers there have been taken to a new level by the call for blood by a Massachusetts Democrat, according to the Dorchester Reporter.  “Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” said Congressman Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) to a union gathering.

I’m the first to give a pass to colorful expressions, which are usually metaphors, such as “killing our competition.”   But the not-so-honorable Representative Capuano doesn’t sound as if he is using a metaphor to me. Unless, of course, he is being mis-quoted. You decide.

But maybe his rhetoric is an anomaly.


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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