Here’s to the English royal family on the wedding of William and Kate. Congratulations.

The US Constitution forbids us to have titles of royalty or aristocracy. But, like so many other Constitutional requirements, such as the enumerated powers clause, we, Americans, won’t allow ourselves to be bound by a 214 year old document. So we have connived to have our own form of royalty.

We are not content to be served by a commoner. No. Observe how our news media fawn over the genius of our leaders, Clinton’s Rhodes Scholarship and Obama’s Harvard Law Review (whatever he did there). And observe how dismissive they are of the underclass, the commoners, people such as Sarah Palin. Yes, we definitely have royalty in the United States. Unlike the British Royalty, ours is not crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury but, rather, by our enlightened media. It is our media who chooses who we should respect and who we should disrespect. Unless one has the proper credentials, as determined by the TV networks and the big city newspapers, one need not apply for any leadership position in the US.

Note that accomplishments are not important to our media overloads but pedigree is, at least educational pedigree. Harvard and Yale count.  Matanuska-Susitna College  does not.

To the Leftist, who believes in an all powerful central government, having a genius in charge is very, very important. But to the Constitutional conservative or libertarian, who believes in the rule of law rather than the cult of personality, a less than genius person will do just fine because that person would be restrained by the rule of law.

And so we have it. Our media, enamored by big government, is in constant search for the American Royalty.  So they tell us that the Kennedies or the Clintons or the Obamas are extra special and we should leave our fate with them.


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