My Argument to Libertarians to Vote for Romney

I just finished writing a huge comment on PJTV’s Trifecta program in response to a Libertarian arguing that his conscience compelled him to vote for the Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson, rather than the “lesser of two evils,” Mitt Romney. This is that argument, edited and enhanced slightly.

I’ve been a Libertarian and a libertarian for 40 years. I was the chair of the Ohio Libertarian Party in the ’70s. I still answer to the label “libertarian” and also to “Objectivist” and “Constitutional Conservative” not to mention TEA Party guy. The point is that I’ve been observing the conservative movement from the time of the Goldwater candidacy to the TEA Party and I think I have a clue.

The Libertarian Party argument against voting for Mitt Romney, is based on several false premises, many of which are the reason Libertarians rarely capture more than a few percent of the vote. I have, in the past, believed most of these false assumptions

  1. It is extremely arrogant for Libertarians to think they have a monopoly on moral governance and that no debate is possible because they are the party of “reason.”
  2. It is also arrogant to keep perpetuating the meme that “there is no difference” between the major parties. This preoccupation with differentiating itself from the other parties is part of the reason the Libertarian Party has gone off the tracks and become a party of drug advocacy and pacifism.
  3. While I advocate a change in the drug laws, I’m sensible enough to understand why my neighbor, the one with the school-aged kids, is scared of that.
  4. I find it extremely obnoxious when Libertarians don’t distinguish between defensive wars and offensive wars but talk about war in the abstract as if they are unique in being so damn pure as to not want war. Smug self-righteousness might feel good but it does not win elections.
  5. It is foolish to assume that with a fraction of the money and ground troops of Democrats or Republicans the Libertarian Party can change the culture and, thereby, win a national election in one huge upset victory. Then what? The Libertarian President would still be stuck with Democrats and Republicans in Congress and the Judiciary not to mention the millions of voters who were not True Believers.
  6. Libertarians just assume that if everyone voted their conscience the Libertarian would win. It’s only because the voters have been conned by moderates and RINOs that we don’t all rise up against the Machine. No, actually our politicians pretty much reflect our values as a country.
  7. Lastly, voting your conscience is for the jury room. This election is a dirty ground war against an alien invader, a philosophy contradictory to the Founding of the Republic. Moreover, if Obama wins, there may be no chance for a rematch. We’ll be too far gone.

If someone broke into my house to rob me, and during that process we discovered the house was surrounded by zombies, you can be damn sure I’d hand the robber a gun and a machete rather than assert the non-initiation of force principle of libertarian purity so I could be left to stand alone against the zombies.


2 Responses to “My Argument to Libertarians to Vote for Romney”

  1. The MAD Conservative Says:

    Reblogged this on The Mad Conservative and commented:
    A great argument on why a Libertarian should vote for Romney!

  2. libertyphysics Says:

    On reading my own post I think it is too aggressive. After all, I still consider myself a libertarian. Or, maybe, I think it was IowaHawk ( who coined the term, I’m a killertarian, a libertarian who wants to kill terrorists.

    But this post makes me feel like I’m Martin Luther nailing a document to the church door what with the bullet points and all.

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