Now What? III – 300 Spartans & Guerrilla War

Now, the physics major in me would like to believe that truth is established through a careful review of evidence. Unfortunately, political “truth” is little more than a catalog of bigotry.  On Buzzfeed I saw an interview of 25 smiling college kids telling me what they think of Republicans in three words. Here are a few gems:

Straight, white, males
Stuck-up, headstrong, all-knowing
Closed-minded, greedy, old-fashioned
Arrogant, selfish, assholes
They hate women
Selfish, privileged, greedy
Closed-minded, brainwashed, guarded
Greedy, self-involved, in-compassionate
Selfish, short-sided, closed-minded
Racist, old, whites
Scary, angry, conservative
Conservative, religious, contextualists
Ignorant, closed-minded, assholes
Stuck-up, rich, white

What a bunch of  pampered and privileged bigots.   They would not have these bigoted opinions without a Leftist culture that reinforces them.  And it’s that culture that needs to be challenged.

As I said in the previous few posts, controlling the narrative is paramount. It is the key to everything. Hell, if we controlled the narrative we could probably contrive to elect an Alynsky style Marxist with no salable skills, no executive experience and a four year track record of dismal failure in both economic and foreign policy. Really. I think that. Don’t ask me how I know.

Compare the vicious, relentless, unscrupulous behavior of Democrats with the compliant, supplicant, Stockholm-syndrome Republican leadership. Why is it that way? Well, the Stockholm syndrome is more than an analogy here. The media have been beating up on Republicans so long, since FDR, maybe before, that they are afraid to stand for anything.

There is already much progress. We have talk radio, Fox, websites such as Brietbart and PJTV. But, to a large extent, we are just speaking to ourselves, preaching to the choir. We pickup converts on the fringes but progress is slow. There is no way we can replace the media machine. But there may be some things we can do. Again, I’m open to suggestions.

As I said previously, we are outnumbered as the 300 Spartans were outnumbered. The only way to hold back the corrupt media and pressure Republicans is, like the 300 Spartans,  to have a tactical advantage or, like the American Minutemen, to wage a guerrilla war with snipers and tricks.

Be a Citizen Journalist

We can learn a lot of lessons from individuals like Joel Pollak at who are fighting the media narrative with their own interviews including some hidden camera work. But we can all play a part. Make your local Leftie Congressman or Senator a hobby and gather information, such as voting records and scandals that may have been swept under the rug by the mainstream media. Remind voters of this information using letters to the editor, for instance, and share your investigations with information gathering organizations such as Breitbart or who ever will speak to you.

An amazing example of this took place in New Jersey the ’90s when libertarian activist John Paff smelled a rat and, on his own,  investigated NJ prosecutor Nicholas Bissell for corruption related to drug forfiture cases. Paff’s dogged work over many years finally got media attention and resulted in Bissell being indited on thirty three federal counts.

Share Information

Maybe more important than doing investigations is finding ways to crossover from preaching to the choir to getting the eyes, ears and minds of the uninformed and uncommitted. I don’t know if PR stunts will do this or purchasing billboards or buying advertising on Rock and Hip-Hop radio will work. But we must find a way to compete for mind-share with the corrupt media.  There is already a lot of material available from conservative sources if you don’t want to gather news but pass it on.

Be a Community Organizer

Disseminating information, “raising awareness,” as the Left calls it, may be much more important than digging it up. If the Left can claim that the modest budget proposal by Ryan will “throw granny over the cliff,” we can certainly tell students and and seniors that the Obama non-budget will end Social Security and student loans or that the Senate plans a massive inflation or that Obamacare will deny them health services. Become a community organizer and spend time riling people up. We have two years to do that. Here’s a place to start with hurricane victims:  Selfish government one per centers take care of themselves

Oh, and could someone go back and interview those college kids on camera and ask them why they hate people for characteristics they can’t help like skin color and age!


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