I’ve had more than one person tell me that the cause of the housing crisis or the bad economy is greed. The argument goes that greedy people send jobs overseas, close factories or game the banking system. It occurred to me that there are two types of greed.

The first type of greed could be called Romney greed. Its practitioners engage in practices such as buying struggling companies in the hope of making them profitable and themselves rich or inventing something to make themselves rich or reducing costs by buying from China or working overtime to save more money to buy a boat or a house or go on vacation. This is the kind of greed that Democrats hate and fight.

The second type of greed we could call Obama greed. Many of its practitioners typically create little of value . But they look at their neighbor and covet what their neighbor has. How dare someone have more than they do, a car, a house, a boat? They will do anything to punish those that have more and confiscate what they have. It’s convenient that there are so many politicians willing to accommodate these greedy people by passing laws to confiscate the incomes and the wealth of some to pass out to others. This group includes such illustrious members as Poll Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Kim Jung Il, Castro, Chavez, Lennin, and many more who believe that the lives of people are theirs to dispose of for whatever “noble” purpose they conjure up. One more thing, it’s the members of this group that complain most about greed.


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