Leftist Strategy and Tactics

The Left has lost the war of ideas. Serious people, that probably excludes Paul Krugman and media personalities, no longer argue that collectivism will produce prosperity. They only argue for “fairness,” which means anything you want it to mean. 250 years or more of economic research have made it clear, settled science if you will, that free markets, free trade, the rule of law, limited government, low taxes and a stable monetary system produce prosperity. And it took thousands of years of  thought and of trial and error to produce a Western culture that honored liberty and a civil society and to prove that Western civil society is the most humanitarian.

But the left has not lost the battle for political power. The have won, and continue to win, the strategic war. Their strategic success is based on five attributes.

  1. A long term game plan that was mapped out at least 50 years ago.
  2. The patience to implement the plan over three generations.
  3. A willingness to accept short term or minor gains.
  4. An acceptance of any and all allies, even if their long term goals are different.
  5. Finally, a ruthlessness unhindered neither by facts nor by scruples.

This plan has served them well and led to the Left, that is, the collectivists, capturing all of our major institutions, the public schools, the universities, the news media, the entertainment industry, in short, the culture.  Thus, the strength of Leftist ideas in the twenty first century is not based on their logical superiority but, rather, on their being ubiquitous.

Multiple books have been written to document each one of these strategic attributes so I won’t try and repeat that information except to focus on the last one, ruthlessness, because it is the only one we can combat.

The centerpiece of Leftist ruthlessness is the tactic of demonizing and stereotyping their enemies.  That assertion doesn’t even need examples, but here’s one: Observe how the recent Obama campaign never spoke to the economy or jobs but, instead, created a series of false narratives demonizing Mitt Romney as a liar, cheater, out-of-touch fat cat and worse. They even created a phony “war on women” starting with a seemingly off-the-wall question by George Stephanopoulos during one of the primary debates about Republicans outlawing contraceptives.

Multiply that example by thousands upon thousands of insults, falsehoods, smears and slanders over the years hurled by leftists. The smear tactics are so common that conservatives spend a significant amount of time debating why the Left behaves that way.

Your random, insulting coworker may have a mental disease, I suppose, or he may be simply arrogant about his or her political beliefs, never having made a sincere attempt to understand another point of view.

However, George Stephanopoulos and other Leftest apparatchiks, are not delusional, ignorant or otherwise broken. Instead, he, and the rest, are driven by an insatiable goal to destroy those standing in the way of their Utopian world order. Their ruthlessness is a tactic that comes right out of Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals. When I refer to the “Left” or to collectivists, I don’t mean your random misguided neighbor or friend. I mean the intelligentsia in politics, the media and the academy who drive the agenda and  are aware of the big picture goals of the Progressive, collectivist movement.

When the Left was out of power, before the 1960s, they appealed to American values such as free speech, fair play and Constitutional rights. As the Left gained control of the culture, free speech took the form of profanity and slander. Fair play included the doctrine of political correctness. And Constitutional rights manifest themselves as releasing dangerous criminals upon society as well as other dysfunctions.

Once upon a time the Left claimed to be the champion of the underclass and of women and minorities. But, when defending women got in the way of the agenda, the Left ignored the clear sexual harassment of Bill Clinton and subsequently engaged in their own variety of harassment of Sarah Palin. And when defending minorities became inconvenient, the Left attacked and slandered Clarence Thomas, Miguel Estrada and Charles Pickering.

When it serves the Left to find a right to abortion or a right to gay marriage  in the Constitution then they are avid Constitutionalists. But when property rights or the rule of law or the Second Amendment gets in the way of their agenda, then the Constitution is a dusty document written by old, dead, white guys for their own selfish motives. (For the record, my own views on abortion and gay marriage are not so simple. But they simply are not in the Constitution)

The Right and Republicans have been frustrated by what they consider hypocrisy for many years and they spend much of their time pointing out such hypocrisies in the vain hope of ending them. If  Leftists had scruples then highlighting their hypocrisy, the harassment, racism and slanders might make a difference. But the Leftists are not ashamed of their behavior. They revel in it. Lying about George Bush’s Presidential record or about economic numbers or about Mitt Romney’s resume is not a capitulation to human weakness and frailty. Instead, these are proud acts of committed warriors for collectivism and the dictatorship of your betters.

It may appear I am violating my usual care about accepting a hypothesis without sufficient evidence. But a long lifetime of observation has convinced that there is no other explanation for the elite Left’s behavior other than sinister motives. What explains, for instance, calls for civility in discourse punctuated by the most vile attacks on conservatives, especially conservatives who are women and minorities? What explains consistently ignoring economic data in favor of spinning history?

If the Left were sincere when they claim they wish to end poverty and create jobs, they would be forced to embrace free market capitalism. But no amount of evidence by any number of scholars changes their advocacy of higher taxes, bigger government, more government spending and more interference into private lives.

If the Left were sincere about caring for children they would not defend union contracts that reduced educational opportunities for children, they would create a path for more schooling opportunities for inner city minorities and they would make fighting gang warfare a top priority. But they do none of these things.

If the Left were sincere when they claim they want to save lives and end gun violence they would be persuaded by the data that correlates concealed carry laws with lower crime rates. They would be persuaded by the countless stories of private individuals deterring crime with firearms even if no shot is fired. They would be persuaded by the wisdom of the Founders and the Founders’ concerns about a disarmed populace and the historical record of disarmed peoples.

But they are not persuaded, not by economic data or crime data or educational data. They are not persuaded by sympathy for children in poverty or a youth unemployment rate in the double digits. They are not persuaded by their own rhetoric and their own calls for civility and bipartisanship. They are, almost to an individual, uncivil and radically partisan. Their agenda stands on its own, unmoored  from facts or even their stated goals.

So what hypothesis, what explanation accounts for this behavior? What is the root case, the underlying driver of the Leftist’s actions? Some conservatives have become so frustrated they explain the Left as having a mental disease. Others claim the Left is driven by emotion and not reason. That may explain public voting records but not the behavior of the elite Left, the academicians and journalists and politicians.

Ayn Rand was fond of saying, “There are no contradictions.” She advised us, when confronting a seeming contradiction, to check our premises, our assumptions. So, if we open our minds, not only checking and double checking our facts but also our assumptions, what must we conclude. What explains the Left’s hypocrisy, their viciousness, their willingness to stereotype opponents and their immunity to facts?

Maybe you can find another hypothesis that explains Leftist behavior but I can find only one, the Left, the Democrat Party, the “liberals,” the collectivists and Progressives in our country are not sincere. Their behaviors are nothing more than a series of tactics to “get over” on others and to win political power and nothing more. When they say they care for children, that is a sham. When they find racism under every rock and as an explanation for every known social phenomena, that is a ploy. When they call for civility or bipartisanship, that is just to control the debate. When they ignore economic facts and push policies that will obviously fail, that is a way to gain mass political support from the ignorant. When they demonize their opponents, calling them hate mongers, racists, homophobes and bigots, not only are they engaging in psychological projection, they are also being dishonest on purpose to distract debate from the facts of the case and win with ad-hominum arguments.

In short, the ruthlessness of the Left, of statists and collectivists, of our “betters” takes the form of a no-holds-barred willingness to do everything and anything to win. If non-violent protests get them sympathy, they will be non-violent. But if violence will work they will start a riot.  They lie, they cheat, they call people names, they bear false witness against others. They may have Marxist goals but their tactics are 100% pure, unalloyed fascist. Oh, was that a slander? I think not. Why is it ok for the Left to use the word fascist but not me?

I know we could explore the next level, the level about motivations and attitudes and psychological misfits. But my goal is just to expose the tactics that derive from the Left’s attribute of ruthlessness. Soon I’ll discuss how to combat this.


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