Some Quick Comments Regarding Gun Control

So the media is all breathless because New York State passed a “tough” gun control law and President Obama is issuing executive orders to “curb gun violence.”

In true Leftist tradition, neither the New York law nor the Obama orders nor Obama’s proposed legislation would have prevented any of the recent mass killings. In particular, the Sandy Hook shooter killed to get his weapons. He was not exposed to a background check or a mental health screening. He had, but did not use a rifle, with or without a “high capacity” magazine.

So, did the Leftists simply go too fast and not think through their proposals? I doubt it. Based on the arguments I made in my last post, “Leftist Strategy and Tactics,” the Left isn’t sloppy or ignorant. The New York Law and the Obama initiatives are not meant to solve the stated problems of gun violence or mass murder or school shootings.

If the Left truly cared about these things they would make serious proposals. Why is it that every time a Leftist politician promises “common sense reform” the next words out of his mouth are anything but common sense? Why do these same politicians and media hacks belittle the NRA suggestion to put armed guards in schools while sending their own children to schools policed by armed guards? And why is it that if gun free zones are safer, the White House is not a gun free zone? What explains the Governor of New York State and the Mayor of New York City giving their anti-gun speeches surrounded by armed body guards with way more firepower than they are willing to grant to the average citizen?

No, the Leftist laws and anti-gun proposals are not meant to solve a problem. They are meant to advance, bit by bit, a long-running collectivist agenda that will, eventually, leave Americans defenseless against the power-hungry Left. What other conclusion fits the evidence?

If you think these political demagogues are being sincere, you are being played.


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