Christopher Dorner and the Morality of the Left

If you’ve been on an Antarctic expedition the last few days you may not know that Christopher Dorner is an ex Los Angeles police officer who was dismissed by the department. Dorner went on a killing rampage, after writing a long leftist manifesto, presumably because he concluded he was mistreated by the LAPD. He died in a final confrontation with police last night.

As shocking as his killing spree was, what has shocked at least some of us even more is the fan club that has grown up around him. He has been compared to the title character in the recent movie Django. His fans showed up at the final shootout carrying signs in support of Dorner with messages such as “Don’t shoot Dorner.” As a result, many average Americans have concluded that America is sick and getting sicker, as the famous radio host Bob Grant is fond of saying.

It’s very difficult to accept that any murderer is sane. It’s even more difficult to accept that his fan club is sane. But, if you think about it, we’ve seen this all before. What is going on?

Few doubted that OJ Simpson murdered two people. But he was freed by a jury that voted along racial lines to get even, somehow, with society. Occupy Wall Street disrupted the lives of many innocent people with their antics in multiple cities, presumably because they had a beef with people who’s lives they didn’t even affect with their protest. Members of the New Black Panther Party stand on the street cursing at passers-by they don’t even know, based on skin color. Whole industries are tarred with a broad brush in Presidential speeches, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, oil companies, hospitals, banks and more. Meanwhile, favored groups can do no wrong and never suffer condemnation, unions, illegal immigrants, and most, so called, minorities.

It doesn’t take much analysis to see a pattern, a pattern that contradicts hundreds of years of Western concepts of justice. Where traditional justice tells us not to judge the son by the sins of the father, the modern ethic is to do just that. In fact, we are supposed to judge whole races by the alleged sins of predecessors. Where traditional justice commands us to judge people as individuals and only punish the guilty, the modern ethic tells us that the sin of one or two policemen is an acceptable justification for a riot that injures or kills many innocents. Where traditional justice demands we carefully consider the evidence before condemning someone, the modern ethic is to assume the guilt of the Duke Lacrosse team before any evidence has been presented. Where traditional justice tells us to put those that obey the rules ahead of those that don’t, the modern ethic is to favor illegal aliens over those applying for residence legally.

Christopher Dorner embodied this modern ethic perfectly. He felt wronged. Rather than present his case and submit evidence, he became the executioner. Rather than confine punishment to the guilty, he lashed out and killed people who had nothing to do with his grievances. And most importantly, those that share his modern ethic became fans. Millions of them celebrated the killing of innocents, applauded his lawlessness and shared his racist motivations.

Christopher Dorner is a poster child for the morality of the Left, the morality of grievance, of race, of tribe and of identity politics. According to the Left, all history is to be interpreted as a class struggle between different identity groups. The “good” guys, in this view, include all the black and brown peoples of the world (whatever the hell that means), the workers (if they are in a union), those that don’t work, certain criminals (especially cop killers), foreign dictators such as Hugo Chavez and all third world people. The “bad” guys include the financially successful, all corporations, all conservatives, Republicans, the police, white people, old white men particularly (ageist, sexist racist much?) and the United States as a whole.

In short, the morality of the Left, the morality of Christoper Dorner, is tribalism. According to the Leftist justice system, the scales of justice must not be level. They must be biased against the oppressor class and toward the victim class. So all Palestinians are good and all Israelis are bad, independent of the merits of a specific act, because the Left has decided that Palestinians are an underclass. According to the morality of the Left, it is acceptable for an aggrieved member of the oppressed class to harm any member of the privileged class, no matter what the facts are. College admissions are based on race, independent of the back stories of individual applicants. Justice is based on tribe, not individual. Who can forget the confirmation hearing of Judge Sonia Sotomayor where she declared her decisions are based on her being a wise Latina woman. Oh? What struck me as a magnificently disqualifying statement, an admission of deep bias, was welcomed by our modern overlords and Sotomayor was confirmed. I wouldn’t trust her to judge a spelling bee.

To those of you not schooled in this evil, abominable morality because you missed a college Marxist indoctrination, the fact that Dorner has a fan club is crazy. But if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have suffered through consciousness raising or corporate diversity training, you recognize the tribal nature of the doctrine and understand the Dorner fan club. All cops are pigs. All blacks are mistreated. All blue eyed people have an easy life and oppress all brown eyed people. And inserting a Latina ethnicity into a judicial decision is applauded. (Note that your Chinese or Slavic or Greek or Scottish heritage doesn’t buy you squat)

Forget traditional concepts of justice. If you are a man or white or old or rich you can’t help yourself but be an oppressor. Read your Marxist dialectic stupid. OJ Simpson wasn’t a murderer. When he killed two white people he was a freedom fighter, striking back at the system that oppressed him and his fellows.

In some way I feel sorry for Chris Dorner. He was taught to hate by immersion in a Leftist culture that revels in hate and racist ideology. The Left owns Christopher Dorner. They should be made to account for his sins.

Thanks to Leftist/collectivist/tribalist ideology in the academy, the media and the entertainment industry, we now have a new and improved justice system. However, it is neither new nor improved but rather a throwback to barbarism. More about that another time.

UPDATE thanks to the Powerline Blog: I rest my case.


5 Responses to “Christopher Dorner and the Morality of the Left”

  1. scottinnj Says:

    Good post friend. Nice job laying out the evidence then placing it squarely at the feet of Leftists. I’m going to share this up on Google+ when I get the chance Scott

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  2. peaceloveandfreemarkets Says:

    another home run

  3. Sharpshooter Says:

    Read on the air:
    [audio src="" /]

    About 23 minutes in:

  4. Sharpshooter Says:

    That last is home paged at:

    50,000W station in Denver, CO

    (Scroll to Feb 14th,, 10AM)

    • libertyphysics Says:

      Thanks much. I got alerted the day Mike did the read and got to listen over the net. I was flattered, as I am by the fact you took the time to comment.

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