Polylogism is the doctrine that logic and reason are not universal. Instead, polylogism holds that logical and scientific conclusions will differ, depending, usually, on the race or ethnicity of the person doing the analysis. The most egregious recent example of polylogism, in my opinion, occurred when Judge Sonia Sotomayor declared her judicial decisions would be biased by her being a “wise Latina woman.” So the facts and the applicable law isn’t enough to determine the outcome of a court case. Instead, the “logical” conclusion is dependent on the ethnicity of the judge.

Polylogism is usually associated with racism, the doctrine that some races are superior to others, but not always. We all know women and men think differently. Or do we? Men and women may be different in many ways but I doubt that Madame Curie’s discoveries are false because a woman made them.

As the Sotomayor example hints, the greatest proponents of polylogism today are on the Left. We are told over and over that the black experience is different than the white experience and the Latino experience is different than the Anglo experience, the female different than the male, independent of the individuals. This is because the Left accepts, without question, the philosophy known as Postmodernism, the idea that there is no absolute truth but only points of view determined by our ethnicities, experiences etc., F=ma and the rest of physics and chemistry notwithstanding.

Polylogism  is a comfortable ideology for the Left because it dovetails so well with their Marxist dialectic notions of oppressor class and victim class. So no matter how hard you try, if you are an old white man you cannot understand young, black women and you definitely dare not have an opinion about abortion or reproduction or education or anything else that affects young black women.  But for some odd reason, they can understand you. Go figure.

The Left is very smug and very proud they believe in polylogism and its relative multiculturism. I consider both ideologies frauds based on grains of truth. In particular, polylogism, taken to its logical consequences, lead to violence. If you have no hope of reasoning with that person from another race or religion because their brain is wired differently than yours, then an intellectual conflict can never be resolved and serious conflicts must eventually result in the horror of  war and even genocide. Jewish science is, after all, different than Aryan science.


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