Sequestration Speech Translator

Perhaps you are having a problem understanding the, so called, Federal budget sequester and all of its ramifications. Those of you who have been reading this blog know that I am fond of charts and graphs and math to help explain complex economic subjects. So let’s see if I can clear things up for you.

When you hear President Barack Obama speak to the sequester or you hear government officials or media personalities explain the consequences of the sequester you can easily understand what they say if you translate their words using the Official LibertyPhysics Government Speech Translator. Unfortunately you can’t buy it in stores because the prototype is still in development but I can use it on your behalf and report the results.

So, let’s give it a try, shall we. Here is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood explaining the consequences to air travel if the sequester takes place.

After I pass this speech through the LibertyPhysics translator, this is what comes out:

Cut my proposed budget by even a little bit and I will make your life absolutely miserable. After all, I own you.

That was an interesting result. Let’s try another one.

Passing that through the LibertyPhysics translator yields:

You believed me then and you believe me now. You are a big chump.

That was harsh. Maybe I should send it back through the prototype translator for a second opinion.

No, really. I’m a big fat liar and I get to say anything I want even if I contradict myself because none of my sycophantic media will hold me to account. Oh, and I own you and get to ruin your life with impunity.

I’m not sure why the LibertyPhysics translator gave the results it did but perhaps it was because the Federal Government is running up trillion dollar annual deficits and “sequestration” cuts about $44 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office ($82 billion according to the media). Even the $82B amounts to 8% of the annual debt one time or 2% of the annual budget, enough to run the Federal Government for maybe three days.

But the incredibly greedy politicians, in both parties, would rather bankrupt you, your children and grand children with Federal debt than cut their power over you by just a couple of percent. The most egregious part of this Kabuki Theatre is that THERE ARE NO CUTS. The “cuts” are government speak for cuts in the rate of growth. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. Moreover, Barack Obama, the community organizer, is a professional grievance agitator. He’s the guy in cowboy movies who gets the mob all ginned up to lynch the sheep herder over alleged harm sheep do to cattle. So, despite the sequester being his idea, he’s flipped positions so he can demonize Republicans no matter which position they advocate.

Here’s what the Cato Institute says about sequestration:

And here’s Rand Paul’s response:

Maybe the LibertyPhysics translator wasn’t too far off after all.  Finally, check out this chart from Investors Business Daily published on December 20, 2012.

Federal Spending vs Population Growth

Federal Spending vs Population Growth

The accompanying article is titled, “Real Federal Outlays Up 78% since ’98; Spending Cap Key.”

I don’t usually engage in sarcasm as I have, above. But look at that chart. Our politicians are destroying our future and the future of our children and grandchildren while pretending to cut the budget. They should not be playing games but they are. The least you can do is recognize the game for what it is. That and vote them out of office in 2014.


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