Tyranny 101

Legislatures across the country are proposing bills and passing laws to “solve” the problem of mass shootings. Of course, none of these laws will work. I want to address just two of the more popular legal fads, one today, another later.

Background Checks

From Bloomberg to Obama politicians are calling for “universal” background checks, as if we don’t already do them. If background checks work so well to prevent murder and mayhem we should have seen a sharp decline in those crimes the first time background checks were mandated. Why do I think that didn’t happen?

But, as I said, we already do background checks. Every gun dealer does them on every gun sale whether at a retail store or at a gun show. Politicians are saying that 40% of gun sales happen without background checks. That’s a false statistic based on a lie and old, incomplete data. The real number is more like 12% and the vast majority of those transfers are within families, such as collections passing from father to son. NewsBusters expands on the source of the falsehood here.

So why the big fuss over background checks. Ann Coulter expounded on one reason on the Sean Hannity show, here, compliments of the Blaze. In part, she says: “Universal background check means universal registration. Universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination,” she continued. “That’s how it goes in history. Do not fall for universal background checks.”

Is Coulter being extreme? No. In fact, according to Dave Kopel, the real intent of the background check legislation is to make every gun owner a felon. That’s because the politicians are not just requiring background checks for sales. They are requiring background checks for all “transfers.” A transfer is you handing a gun to a friend at the range  and then when your friend gives it back again. A transfer is a husband leaving a gun with a wife while he is away or a mom leaving a gun with a son for safe-keeping while she is away.  You can read Kopel’s full article here, at National Review.

Let me emphasize this: Proposed background check legislation will criminalize innocent gun owners.


You may be wondering why gun grabbers are so immune to arguments such as I’ve made here. Simple. I believe it’s because their real goals are not their stated goals. They claim to be for public safety. They claim to want to stop murder. They claim they care about people.

None of that is true.  If politicians wanted to stop gun crime, the first place to start would be to investigate the Obama-Holder Fast and Furious scandal that many of us think was part of a plot to demonize gun dealers and gun owners.

Instead, politicians admit that none of their proposals would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings. But their track record exposes their real and sinister goal, to disarm the innocent, the law-abiding.

In particular: the goal of background check legislation is to criminalize gun ownership and make confiscation easier. Felons cannot own guns. Make every gun owner a felon and voila. Why is criminalizing gun ownership the goal? Because the armed citizen is the biggest impediment to their goal of a collectivist, utopian dictatorship.

What else except sinister motives explains the reason for passing laws that do not solve the problem the lawmakers allege wanting to solve?  If there is a benign explanation for their agenda, I’m willing to listen.


One Response to “Tyranny 101”

  1. states requiring background checks for guns Says:

    The deal senators currently have arranged to develop weapon background checks
    for all Internet and firearm show profits will drive up price tags for consumers.

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