It Could Have Been Right-Wingers, or Martians

Following the horrific bombings in Boston today near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, our “objective” news media was quick to speculate that a disgruntled “right winger” was responsible. Some examples are here, compliments of NewsBusters.

The ever vile Chris Matthews also speculated the Right was responsible, again the details are on NewsBusters.

Democrat Representative Cynthia McKinney was at least a little bit creative when she blamed the government for the explosions.

This is a classic rhetorical device used by the Left to smear people. In the absence of any evidence, speculate your political enemies are responsible. And be sure to ignore contradictory examples such as Bill, Obama’s buddy, Ayers and the Weather Underground bombings. When the truth is found out don’t expect many retractions from our elite media.

The proper response in this, and similar cases, is to think like an objective detective, ignore nothing but assume nothing. For instance, there are reports police are interviewing a “person of interest” supposedly a student on an expired visa. Don’t jump to any conclusions. They guy may be innocent but in the wrong place at the wrong time just like Richard Jewell was during the Atlanta Olympics bombing. Jewell was the talk of the media who assumed he was guilty as sin. But Jewell was exonerated after suffering at the hands of the media.

Being thoughtful and objective is difficult. But work at it. You will be better for it and more likely to separate truth from fiction.

So, yes, it could have been right-wingers or left-wingers or the government or Martians. When you have no evidence it could be anything.


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