Tyranny 201

In my last post about gun control, Tyranny 101, I wrote about the futility of background checks and the hidden political agenda that motivates recent legislation. Let me again emphasize that none of the recently proposed gun legislation would have stopped any mass shootings or bombings. Today, I’ll focus on another popular gun control fad.

Magazine Restrictions

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s BIG IDEA is to stop crime by restricting how many bullets a magazine can hold. Like most politicians, Cuomo has no practical knowledge of the world around him, particularly about those things he seeks to regulate or control. So, as this article in FrontPage magazine explains, he had to backpedal on magazine bans.

But the theory that fewer rounds equals greater safety is false on many levels. First of all, guns, magazines and bullets are made by people. And people can manufacture them and modify them. Of all gun parts, magazines are among the easiest to modify by the mechanically inclined thug in a home shop. Second, it’s pretty easy to carry a second or third revolver or semi-auto pistol. Finally, as the video below shows, even an inexperienced shooter can reload fast enough to maintain a murder spree.


But, as I said in my last post, the gun grabbers are immune to arguments such as I’ve made here. Observe how they even try to use the Boston Marathon bombing to further a gun ban agenda. I believe it’s because their real goals are not their stated goals.

I claim their real, and sinister, goal is to disarm the innocent and the law-abiding. But how do magazine restrictions advance that goal? Simple. Magazine restrictions are a way to soften up public opposition and establish a principle, the principle that the state can control what we own and how we are allowed to defend ourselves. And more importantly, magazine restrictions make the argument that we are subjects of the government and not citizens. Once that principle is established, the rest is easy.

The armed citizen is the biggest impediment to their goal of a collectivist, utopian dictatorship.


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