The Sequester Blues

The news over the weekend was about how air traffic controllers have been furloughed due to the Federal sequestration causing delays and cancellations in flights. But, as Breitbart points out, the whole thing was a fraud and another attempt by the White House to punish the American Public. Remember, too, that sequestration was Obama’s idea in the first place and he fought to implement it.

In a previous post about  Sequestration, a Disaster of Biblical Proportions, I pointed out what a lie, in general, sequestration is and showed a chart highlighting that the hysteria was political theater. For your continued enjoyment, here is another chart, originally done by Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University last November.

You can see a bigger image by clicking on the chart. As I pointed out in my first post about sequestration, the fraud is that THERE ARE NO CUTS. The alleged cuts are only a one time 2.5% reduction in the growth.  The advantage of this chart is the detail about the growth rate for defense, Medicare and the rest.

The good news it the American public seems, finally,to be skeptical about the Administration and media hype. We instinctively know that, given the massive Federal budget, cancelling White House tours and messing with air traffic are temper tantrums by spoiled political elites.  We can only hope that skepticism grows to include the rest of the big government agenda.


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