My Head is Spinning

It’s been over a month since my last post. That’s partly because I’ve had a bunch of personal issues to deal with but also because my head is spinning.

I like to keep the blog current. It usually takes me a couple days to get my thoughts down, check a few facts and proofread the result. But this month there has been so much to deal with I feel like I’ve been playing scandal Wack-a-Mole. Talk about Fast and Furious. One day it’s Benghazi the next it’s the IRS harassing conservatives then the snooping of Associated Press communications makes the front page. No sooner do we think we’ve heard it all then we find out the government has been doing a massive collection of all our phone records, emails and God knows what else.billofrights_void

So, in this target-rich environment I’ve been overwhelmed. But I’ve decided to focus. So expect a few more posts in the next few weeks.


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