We Are All Immigrants Now

Today, June, 24, 2013, late this afternoon, the US Senate is scheduled to vote on an immigration bill without reading itChuck Schumer. The slightest bit of research shows that this abomination is a fraud from beginning to end including the so-called border security amendment that weakens our existing law and provides for less security not more.

The details can be found in an excellent article by Sen. Ted Cruz on Redstate.com. Here are a few of the paragraph headings from that article “Latest ‘Deal’ from the Senate: Pass Amnesty First, Read the Bill Later“:

Grants Immediate Amnesty with Empty Promise of Border Security

Provides No Real Border Security at All

Weakens Fencing Requirement

Weakens Current Law on Entry-Exit System

Avoids any Metric for Measuring True Border Security

Assumes Future Significant Illegal Entry

Fails to Measure Up to Alternatives

Requires American People to Stand up and say No

More information from the Washington Examiner by way of @Flap on Twitter: http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/2532295

In an interview with Mark Levin, Senator Jeff Sessions said the bill had no relation to the talking points about the bill which were poll tested before the bill was even written.

The problem is not just with Democrats, as sleazy and despicable as Chuck Schumer is. Republicans, including Senator, and Gang of 8 member, Marco Rubio, Congressman Paul Ryan Chambers of Commerce, the Cato Institute, the Wall Street Journal and Reason Magazine all tell us that a “comprehensive solution” meaning amnesty first is the only way.

What this shameful, cynical attempt to bamboozle the American People has emphasized for me is that our legislators can not be trusted. If they were serious they could have broken this 1200 page monstrosity into separate pieces of legislation, starting with security on the border and inside the country before considering amnesty, guest worker programs etc.

Let there be no mistake, treacherous Democrats want amnesty because it will guarantee a permanent Democrat majority for the rest of our lives and beyond. This isn’t about immigration. This is about politics. And this isn’t a new strategy. In the 1950s and ’60s liberal welfare programs in cities created a mass migration of the underclass and created our modern “inner city” that we have come to take for granted as the way the world is supposed to be. See, for example, Detroit. Later, welfare-seeking illegals, migrated to California changing it from the Red State that voted for Reagan to a Blue State with one party, radical Democrat rule.

What may have started as an unintended consequence of the Welfare State has become a Democrat Party strategy to finally turn our country into the socialist utopia that has been the Leftist goal since Woodrow Wilson. It’s a beautiful strategy, if you admire treachery. It allows Democrats to massively increase the Welfare State and, at the same time, register uncountable numbers of new Democrat voters while simultaneously destroying the very concept of national sovereignty for the US. Don’t tell me that the illegals are banned from voting for a decade. That can be changed with another law and even if it can’t the Left has been working on this for 100 years. Another 10 is nothing.

Republicans support amnesty because their corporate and agribusiness donors want cheap labor. That is contrary to the assertion by Cato that data shows immigration does not depress wages. Wow, how did the labor market escape the immutable law of supply and demand?

Cato, Reason, the Wall Street Journal among other normally conservative organizations, argue that “We are all immigrants.” They have produced research and statistics to show that amnesty isn’t so bad and will help the economy. I’m unpersuaded.

Although I haven’t studied their research in depth, a cursory examination shows that they often combine illegal with legal immigration for their statistical analysis. Legal immigrants, who consist of Ph.D.s, entrepreneurs, physicians and other highly educated individuals, are a great boon to economic growth and don’t depress wages but, in fact, increase wages through their entrepreneurial activities. (But even the debate about high-skilled workers is filled with fraud. More on that another time and all my unemployed engineer friends.)

Illegal immigrants, who are mostly poor and uneducated, use welfare programs at much higher rates than the native population, use hospital emergency rooms as free clinics, have high crime rates because their numbers include gang members, and vote Democrat, are a net loss for society. And the negative effects go on for generations.

When you combine the two groups, statistically, you get a wash or even a net gain in jobs and economic growth. I have argued over and over here that it isn’t correct, in my view, to use collectivist arguments when determining policy, particularly when it comes to health care. But, in this case, we are talking about a law that puts the interests of illegals and the political parties ahead of the interests of the American People, particularly the unemployed underclass and the tax payers who foot the bill for all this social engineering.

I have come to believe that our politicians, both Republicans and especially Democrats, have become a wicked, elite, ruling class who could not care less about the citizens of this country beyond our ability to work as slaves to their life-styles. While we struggle to keep our jobs and live on decreasing incomes, we are forced to send half our earnings to government at all levels so our politicians can live like kings.

It’s ok with me if we want to increase our number of guest workers. I don’t care if people learn English. I knew many old Polish ladies who never did. I’m ok with adding more unskilled workers to the immigration quota, within reason. But, I do care about terrorist and gang infiltration and I do care about destroying job opportunities for our own poor during the wost economic environment in my memory.

But changing the system in sensible or compassionate ways is NOT what this immigration bill is about. It’s about political advantage and corporate donors. Destroying our ability to control our borders is the political class solution to guaranteeing permanent rule over us and a king’s lifestyle for them.


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