Fighting Back Part I – Know Thine Enemy

I had planned on building up to this series on fighting back with articles laying the groundwork for my conclusions. But I’m going to reverse the order because the state of the Union is desperate and because in a few days Mark Levin will be releasing a new book outlining his plan for our salvation. I doubt if my insights will be as impressive as his but I wanted to blurt out my ideas before the “Great One” spoke. So here goes. I will focus on what we can do as individuals and not give many suggestions to political candidates or media personalities.


Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase “low information voter” to to describe those people who spend their time immersed in their personal lives or in popular culture rather than in political ideology. “Low-information voter” has entered Occupy Wall Streetthe Conservative lexicon. These people are noteworthy for voting based on superficialities because they don’t understand the issues. But, the good news is that they are usually open to new information even though they don’t seek it out.

But there are other types of voters we need to deal with. The first we could call the disinformation voter. Unlike the low-information voter, who is simply ignorant, often consciously so, the disinformation voter is very proud of his deep understanding of the issues. Except almost everything he knows is wrong. The disinformation voter believes the TEA Party is racist, Obama’s policies ended the recession and Romney cheated on his taxes. Because the disinformation voter is unconsciously incompetent, and militantly certain of his “facts,” he is a bigger problem than the low-information voter. Attempting to have a polite conversation with the disinformation voter will often enrage him because he is so certain of your ignorance before you have even finished a sentence.

Finally, there is the Leftist operative. This, most dangerous kind of voter, actively spreads disinformation and propaganda. The operative, like all committed Leftists, arrogantly believe they are better than everyone else and that their ideas are so superior that the ends justify their dishonest means. The good new is there are few Leftist operatives among everyday people. The bad news is that they pollute the intellectuals of the academy and the news room. These are the “community organizers” and racial agitators.


I am old enough to remember a time when Republicans and Democrats differed mostly in their solutions but not their goals. Both wanted to protect us from recessions and foreign invasion but differed in their ideas on how to accomplish those goals.

Chuck SchumerBut then the ’60s radicals grew up and took over the Democrat Party. Some people still think, naively, that all politicians have the same goals and so they expect cooperation among them. But the New Left radicals’ ultimate goal is the subjugation of the American public to the Left’s Marxist vision or at least subjugation to a vision of what’s best for us. If other, more Conservative, politicians have fidelity to the Constitution and limited government as their goal they can have no middle-ground with the Leftists and any compromise advances the Left’s agenda while doing nothing for the Conservative’s agenda. The challenge here is while this reality is well understood by many of us it is not understood by the majority of voters nor by the majority of Republican politicians.

Most importantly, in the past there was reason to believe most politicians had good intentions at least some of the time. Sure they would funnel pork to their districts and shade the truth in speeches. But no one suspected them of wanting to destroy the country for personal gain. Today, I suspect exactly that. A perfect example of this is are the hidden political agendas of “immigration reform,” where the goal of Democrats is to increase the underclass of government dependents to guarantee a permanent Democrat majority at all levels of government while the Republicans have the goal of providing cheap labor to business constituencies. Moreover, I no longer believe they deserve the benefit of the doubt. Let the politician defend his intentions when his policy prescriptions are wrong-headed. I never want to hear the phrase, “but he meant well” again.


I grew up when the TV just had three channels and there were a couple of newspapers in each town. We trusted our news sources. But, as I grew older I noticed some things that disturbed me. For instance, I noticed that “investigative journalists” spent much of their time shocked by the lack of government regulation in some industry or other. They never, ever questioned the efficacy of regulations or the purity of a bureaucrat’s motives . And when these intrepid investigators did investigate a politician, it was usually a Republican politician since everyone knew that Democrats were for the little guy.

There has been much written about media bias but the go-to guide was Bernard Goldberg’s 2001 book titled, naturally, Bias. Since then Goldberg has authored several other books on the subject including Arrogance, released in 2003 where he documents the attitudes behind the bias.

On June 18th of this year, 2013, James O’Keefe released his book, Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy. I highly recommend this book which, for me, was shocking. Shocking for the solid wall of opposition put up against O’Keefe’s work, not only by politicians, including Republicans, but by every manner of alleged journalist.


Walter Duranty, the New York Times reporter famous for his coverup of the Ukrainian Famine and lover of all things Stalin.

For instance, what should I conclude from stories by journalists who possessed complete, unedited, video taken by O’Keefe but who, nevertheless, chose to selectively quote from the video and completely change the meaning of what was said by the subjects of the video? What should I conclude about Federal law enforcement destroying a video that could exonerate O’Keefe when he was accused of “Entry by false pretenses…” to the office of Sen Mary Landrieu. (He was investigating complaints by constituents that the phone lines were always busy when they called to express a negative opinion about Landrieu’s Obamacare vote.)

Goldberg and O’Keefe document an uncountable number of examples of journalistic bias. But O’keefe’s book, in particular, highlights not just media bias but unethical behavior and outright sinister acts by journalists in service to a collectivist political agenda.

I think it was Rush Limbaugh who first said that the modern media was an arm of the Democrat Party. I don’t think that view is accurate. Instead, I think the Democrat Party is the political arm of the Leftist media. And the Leftist media is the propaganda division of the modern collectivist movement.

Why would Democrat politicians take up unpopular causes such as nationalized heath care, gun control and immigration amnesty except for the propaganda climate created by the media? Why would the Republican Party be such a bunch of wimps except for their fear of media smears.

I listen to Conservative commentators complain about the weak candidates fielded by the Republican Party. They can’t stop talking about Christine O’Donnell and Todd Akin. But Democrats have said far worse than O’Donnell or Akin. How about Joe Biden’s comment years ago that Barack Obama was “clean and articulate” or, for that matter, most of what Joe Biden says. Ditto comments by Maxine Waters or the gay slurs by Alec Baldwin? Leftists seldom pay a political price for their politically incorrect commentary. But if a Republican calls for voter ID he is labeled a racist by the media and their political surrogates.

Andrew Breitbart understood this well. He knew that the key enemy was not the politician or bureaucrat. He knew that the enemy was the media. It’s the media that control the agenda and the narrative. And their narrative is usually a lie based on another lie. The media emboldens the Leftist politician and intimidates the Conservative. The media assassinate the character and destroys the life of anyone who gets in their way. And it is the media that allow the low-information voters and empower the disinformation voter. And although media disinformation is not the root cause of America’s slide into statism, the media are key and the propaganda war is the front line of the fight for freedom.


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