Fighting Back Part II – The Media

In Part I of this series, I outlined my view that the modern media are our main opponents in the war for freedom. They may not be the root cause of the growth of modern collectivism. Marx or Kant or Woodrow Wilson probably have that honor. But the media are the lever that collectivists push to gain ground politically.

I noticed the bias of the news media many years ago but it has only gotten worse until now, with Obama to promote, the media are overtly and actively dishonest in support of their agenda. Less obvious is what to do about it.

In response to the decay and corruption of the media, alternatives have sprung up. Many of the alternatives are commentators such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. But there is a growing number of serious news organizations, the most popular of which includes Drudge Report and These new outlets are giving the traditional media fits. As individuals, we may not have the time or ability to start an alternative news channel. So how do we make a difference?

I could give examples of how Ronald Reagan spoke directly to the people, thereby circumventing the media filter, but, as I said in Part I, I want to stick to ideas any individual can make use of and leave the BIG IDEAS to the celebrities.

The goal is to blunt the influence of Leftist media with low-information, misinformation and disinformation voters and to contradict the media narrative. Here are some ideas to combat the media, mostly how to compete with them for the mind-share of the public.

Stop watching and reading them and encourage your friends to stop

In other words, stop feeding the beast. I’m not saying you should cut yourself off from society or from news. Simply avoid the most egregious purveyors of Leftist ideology, The New York Times and other leftie papers, the three big networks, MSNBC and other cable lefties. Instead, go to Drudge or Breitbart, Investors Business Daily, Fox News etc. And, most importantly, encourage your Conservative and middle-of-the road friends to do the same. Your doctor will approve of your blood pressure falling.

Relay stories the media do not report

With your own blog, Twitter or Tumblr account or just using email, you can seek out the stories the mainstream media do not report and rebroadcast them. These stories have the side benefit of being interesting, man-bites-dog style. For instance, you might see a story about Hispanic Americans who oppose so-called immigration reform, or maybe a story about gay Conservatives, or maybe a story about a gun in a citizen’s hand used to stop a crime. You get the idea. Forward anything that contradicts the media narrative or media stereotypes. Here is a great example.

Become a citizen reporter, breaking stories the media refuse to pursue

Jason Mattera and James O’Keefe are two individuals who have pioneered citizen journalism. Mattera is well known for ambushing politicians and celebrities with a camera and questions about their voting records or statements they have made. Comedian Chris Rock went violent when Mattera confronted him about statements Rock made accusing the TEA Party as being racist.

O’Keefe and his Project Veritas is responsible for Congress defunding ACORN, and stings exposing campaign corruption, corruption at PBS and the ease of voter fraud. This is out of the ordinary because the old media no longer challenge politicians, unless they are Republicans. Instead, they advocate for them. O’Keefe’s book, Breakthrough, is a testament to what a small group of individuals can do to out flank the media.

O’Keefe’s tactics take courage because he goes undercover with hidden cameras. I don’t recommend that for any but the strongest willed among us. The big message of Project Veritas is that any of us can be citizen journalists at whatever level makes us comfortable. Off the top of my head, projects might include the following.

  • Be a news aggregator and broadcaster. With a Twitter or Facebook account you can alert your contacts to stories from Drudge, Britebart and other sources, stories the mainstream is ignoring.
  • Take a video camera to a TEA Party rally and report on what you see and hear.
  • Take a camera to a local school board or city council meeting and interview politicians and school board members about issues that concern you.
  • Interview other citizens, man-on-the-street style, about local and national issues.
  • Take a video camera to your local town hall meeting with your Congressman or other politician.
  • Go where other media don’t go, like a gun show or drag race.
  • Interview college students and professors, allowing them to speak freely.

All of these are straight reporting kinds of jobs. With a little effort you can become a stringer or free-lance for local media. But if you are going to be a reporter be a reporter and not an advocate. The biggest way the old media controls the narrative is to control what they report. If you report the stories they are unwilling to, you will have more credibility if you try to be objective. That means sticking to fact and letting your audience do the interpretation.

Become an advocate for a cause, creating media to support a point of view.

It’s ok to be a straight reporter and it’s ok to be an advocate for a cause. Just decide if you are a reporter or an advocate. If you decide to be an advocate you may want to do more investigative journalism than simple reporting. In 1996 a New Jersey libertarian named John Paff was responsible, after years of work, for the conviction of Somerset County District Attorney Nicholas Bissell on 30 counts of fraud and corruption. Since then Paff has exposed more political corruption. Of course, New Jersey is a target rich environment. But still. Investigative work you could do might include:

  • The connections between local lobbying groups, such as environmental groups, and your local or State politicians.
  • Ditto your Congressman and Senators.
  • Just looking into the voting records of politicians on a variety of issues, being aware that they often game the system by voting as a Conservative when their vote isn’t needed but voting as a Leftist only when their vote counts.
  • Research the record of judges, sheriffs and bureaucrats, positions that get less scrutiny, as a public service to voters.Interview college professors and students but give them free rein so they confess their true feelings and bigotry or so they expose their ignorance.
  • If you want to play in the big leagues:
  • You can try and speak with staffers for Congressmen and Senators to get the real scoop on what goes on in the office.
  • Go undercover and find out how easy it is for an illegal alien (undocumented Democrat) to get public assistance.
  • Interview celebrity journalists about their backgrounds and biases. Research their connections to the Left and to politicians.

That last one is my favorite. Wouldn’t it be great to scrutinize Katie Couric the way Sarah Palin has been scrutinized? Wouldn’t it be great to ask celebrity journalists if they know the name of the leader of Cameroon? Wouldn’t it be great to ask one of them for his college transcripts or if being married to a Democrat fundraiser colors his reporting? Or how about asking how many TEA Party supporters work in the newsroom or other questions about ideological diversity among their friends and acquaintances.

In Part III we will get creative.


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