Our Despicable News Media

I had to take a short break from my posts on fighting back against the Left to comment on the Zimmerman trial. Here we have a trial over a killing. What makes this killing unique, worthy of national attention? Nothing much. There were 72 shootings and 12 deaths in Chicago over Independence Day weekend. Did none of those lives merit our concern, our examination? I guess not.

George ZimmermanWhat makes the Zimmerman case worthy of national attention is nothing more than our despicable media have decided to make it national. They did this based on several assumptions, mostly racial, about what happened. When they found out that Zimmerman was Hispanic and a Democrat, a member of one of their favored tribes, they changed the facts to fit the narrative and started calling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.”  Look at George Zimmerman’s photo. I don’t see Cameron Diaz or Fernando Lamas so much as I see Carlos Mencia (Sorry Carlos). But the media have decided he’s “white.” Whatever the heck that even means. The media seem unconcerned that they have revealed that “Hispanic” is not a racial term. They will continue to call border-security Conservatives racists.

The endless and inflammatory reporting of an otherwise routine shooting wasn’t enough for them. NBC News had to edit the 911 recording to change the meaning of what happened. The media propaganda has been so bad that now we face the real possibility of riots if the verdict doesn’t go in a preordained way, a guilty verdict for Zimmerman.

And while we dwell on this case, 24/7, we don’t hear about IRS scandals, Benghazi, Fast and Furious or NSA Surveillance. The distraction is a byproduct and bonus to the media.

Trayvon MartinI’m not a lawyer but my simple-minded understanding is this: Zimmerman is on trial for murder or manslaughter or child abuse, depending on the mood of the prosecution on a given day. The jury simply has to decide if there is reasonable doubt that Zimmerman premeditated a murder or, in the case of manslaughter, acted in reckless disregard for life. Any evidence of self defense, not a proof of  self defense, but just enough evidence to introduce doubt of intent to murder, should be an acquittal.

Mark Levin has said this case should never have been brought. But look what’s happened, we have President Obama getting involved with his “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon” comment. We have large numbers of Americans who marched for “Justice for Trayvon” before any facts were presented. They think that’s just fine and acceptable. We have large number of Americans threatening to riot based on the verdict. So lynch mobs are in style again in modern Amerika. Swell.

This is a clear case of the media manufacturing a narrative based on their racial agenda and their gun control agenda. They needed a white on black crime and they found one. They began prattling about reversing “stand your ground” laws before they knew if those laws even applied to the case. Just because the facts didn’t fit the narrative, a race-based premeditated murder by a white guy, didn’t deter them from changing the facts wherever necessary including doctoring the 911 call evidence.

What can be more disgusting than playing with peoples’ lives, the lives of both Zimmerman and Martin and their families, in the service of an agenda? Our media does not care about liberty or justice. Woe to anyone, even you, who gets caught on the wrong side of a journalists bigotry.


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