The Left’s Unified Field Theory

In the early 1900s, after his formulation of his General Theory of Relativity, Einstein began work on what he called a Unified Field Theory that attempted to unite electromagnetism with relativity. The

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein in 1904

modern attempts to do this include theories such as the Grand Unified Theory and the Theory of Everything, a version that isn’t restricted to fields alone and attempts to unify all known physical phenomena, gravitational, electromagnetic, quantum mechanical, in one theory that predicts the outcome of any experiment.

You could be forgiven for wondering why all these scientists and mathematicians work so hard on such tough stuff when all they would have to do is tune in to MSNBC or read the New York Times and find out that there is already an iron-clad explanation for all known natural and social phenomena: Racism.

Why is one person rich and another poor? Racism. Why are some countries rich and other countries poor? Racism. Why did a hurricane hit New Orleans? Racism. Why did Columbus discover the New World for Queen Isabella? Racism. Why was the TEA Party created? Racism. Why didn’t 100% of America vote for Obama? Racism. What put the ape in apricot? Racism.

Of course this Leftist philosophy is all nonsense, even the part about the hurricane and the apricot. But the Left believe it, or at least they think they can get the rest of us to believe it. If the ubiquitous racism accusation had any merit it wouldn’t work. It’s precisely that racism is a social taboo that the Left has any power over the targets of their accusations.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

The Unified Theory of Universal Racism, as the Left’s Theory of Everything, is simply a modification of Marx’s Scientific Socialism and theories of class struggle. But, economic class struggle is a tougher sell for the Left, even though they still sell it, because anyone making the effort to look, knows people who change economic classes from poor to middle class to rich and back again, sometimes more than once. That fact, alone, threatens to demolish the very concept of economic classes let alone the theory of class struggle.

Race struggle is a better pitch than class struggle because racism obviously exists, especially in foreign cultures such as in our news media and universities. So who has the courage to deny that racism is responsible for poverty or hurricanes when it is likely that he would be called a racist just for questioning the Leftist dogma? But we must question the Left at every turn because their ideas are even more destructive when going unopposed.


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