Fighting Back Part III – Get Creative

I wrote, in Part I of this series, about the media as being the principal enemy of freedom in modern America. In Part II, I wrote about becoming a citizen journalist to counterbalance the media but also about being an advocate.

Frederick Douglass RepublicanI want to extend the discussion of advocacy by reminding you of what you already know, that creative use of media, personal media, can get your ideas attention.

One of the easiest things to do and get instantly published is to write a blog (weB LOG). So here I am. You may not think you can write and you may not think anyone wants to read what you have to say. Don’t be so critical. It takes thousands and thousands of citizen reporters, researchers and opinion columnists to keep up with the deluge of misinformation we are being fed daily by the media and the political class. So pick something you know about, medicine, guns, the weather or cars and tell the rest of us what we don’t know. There are many free blogging sites and some with fees. Your choice depends on your needs. WordPress is great. Many choose Blogger, powered by Google, which is also free. Typepad costs money but you have a right to advertise there. The blog hosts have a lot of tutorials to help you get started.

If that’s too much to take on, you can do a lot with social media, such as a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Even if all you do is forward information you come across  that you think would be of interest to those that agree with you or eye opening for those that do not agree, you help defeat the media narrative. Spreading the word is at least as important and creating original material.

If you would prefer to do graphic arts to writing, you can create online posters, such as the one above by Jared McA. That one, and many more, can be found at sites such as The Looking Spoon that host both original works and the work of others. You don’t have to be a great artist, although many of the new Conservative political images are amazingly creative. A simple text poster can have a lot of impact. Photoshop is the defacto standard image creation software in the US. However, Corel has a wonderful suite of affordable products for graphics, video creation and more. And, if you are on a budget, the open source, free software, Gimp, is fabulous.

For the future Rush Limbaughs among us there are online “radio” networks you can use to create your own broadcasts and podcasts. The most popular and innovative is Blog Talk Radio. There you can find programs to suit any hobby or political ideology. And with your own account, you can have your own program or talk show right along side celebrities who are using the site more and more.

If you like moving pictures instead of talk, without too many technical skills, you can get videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms. There are even free, professional quality, video editors out there you can use, such as Lightworks, as well as offerings from Adobe, Corel, Apple and Sony. Straight reporting is the easiest technically. Take a camera to a town hall meeting or the school board. Interview fellow citizens or subject matter experts. If you would rather give your opinion than be a reporter, do a video blog (vlog) if you wish. Or, a parody on Pure Detroit.

If you are not quite ready to do that kind of work but you are still feeling creative, you can do something like this video, which is within the reach of you and a couple of your friends. Of course, the idea is very original. Enjoy.

Here is another one. This video is a classic and it went viral. That earned the creator media attention, visits with Senators and convention speeches.

The beauty of the penny videos is you don’t need a team of camera people and audio technicians. You don’t even have to have the courage to do a video ambush on your Congressman. But, again, creativity is the first ingredient.

Here is a more recent offering by the same creator. This one needed more technical skill to add the graphics.

My point is that every time someone creates interesting content, be it a blog, a video, a graphic, they have the opportunity to blunt the impact of the propaganda press and perhaps circumvent their toxic narrative entirely. And there is a need for more of us to combat the narrative. One Obama speech spews enough misinformation to require a half dozen penny videos.

I’ll close with the last 10000 penny video from about a year ago.


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