Shut Down the Federal Government

The Republican establishment is scared to death that even hinting at de-funding Obamacare will get them blamed for shutting down the Federal Government. And they are terrified by the likely media reaction.  So they are publicly tarring Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and the other patriots who are trying to save us from financial and health care Armageddon with a de-funding effort.

RevolutionI got to thinking. Why not shut the Monster from DC  down? Really. Not just for a week or two. Shut it down permanently.  I’ll lose Social Security (and I’m only a couple years away) and Medicare. However, my income will, effectively, just about double, even though I don’t make that much, because my Federal income taxes will go to zero, including the taxes on my IRA. So will the Federal taxes of all the people I buy things from and the companies they buy things from go to zero. My take home will go up and all prices will fall. All those nonsense Federal regulations will disappear. Sure, we won’t have a Military but we can just absorb them into our State National Guards.

The low-life Left has been complaining for decades about how the Constitution is obsolete and written by old white men and just a document to enshrine wealth and slavery. So let’s make the Left happy. The Constitution is the document that creates the Federal Government. If the Constitution is so bad, fine. Tear it up. When you do that the Federal Government should disappear. Of course, I know these elitist power mongers don’t really want the Federal Government to go away. They just want the Constitutional constraints on Federal power to go away so they can run amok. But I say let’s throw the bastards a curve ball. Let’s agree that the Constitution should be torn up and along with it every road in Washington DC.

Take a wrecking ball to the IRS, the the EPA, HUD and the FDA. Make every lousy politician and bureaucrat and every beltway-bandit get a real job, maybe shoveling manure in barns or picking tomatoes, jobs Americans allegedly won’t do but friends of mine must. Sell off all the Federal lands and use the money to pay of the Social Security generation. Make National parks State parks.  End Federal funding to all the Leftist institutions, environmental groups, universities, think tanks, Panned Parenthood. Send the lobbyists packing.

If you are a societal parasite, a moocher or bureaucrat, shutting down the Federal Government would be devastating. But if you work for a living, own a small business, pay taxes, shutting down the Federal Government would be emancipation from slavery.

Free at last. Free at last. Oh dear God I’m free at last.


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