The Failing Republican ObamaCare Strategy

I listened to Carl Rove being interviewed the other day about his ObmaCare strategy. The plan he is advocating, and the Republican establishment is agreeing to, is to let ObamaCare “collapse of its own weight.” He, and the establishment, are terrified that if Republicans oppose ObmaCare now, by trying to block funding, for instance, they will precipitate a Federal Government shut down and the media and President will blame them for that.

Karl RoveInstead, Rove advocates that Republicans lay low until 2016 because only after we have elected a Republican President and Senate can we undo ObmaCare.

I agree with Mark Levin: The claim that ObamaCare will collapse of its own weight, and the associated do-nothing strategy are deeply flawed. What does it mean for a law to collapse of its own weight? Did Medicare or Medicaid or Social Security collapse even though they are also deeply flawed? Is the NSA surveillance program collapsing of its own weight even though a majority of Americans oppose it?

I’ll admit that the Soviet Union collapsed of its own weight, with a little shove by Ronald Reagan. But how long did that take and how much misery created from 1917 to the collapse?

ObamaCare is the law of the land and as long as it remains the ObamaCare Chartlaw it will do serious damage to our medical care, our insurance systems and our economic growth. Care Rove wants us to sit back and wait till 2016 when we have elected a Republican president. Well, 2012 didn’t work out so well for us and if Republicans don’t show some initiative now no one will vote for them in 2016. What would be the point? If we can’t beat someone with Obama’s record in 2012 what makes Rove think we can beat Hillary or whoever?

Regarding shutting down the government, I already wrote about that here, somewhat tongue in cheek.

Moreover, the propaganda war never ends. If Republicans think they can avoid being demonized by hiding under the covers until 2016 they can forget it. My Leftist friends and acquaintances blame all our problems on Republicans, despite Obama controlling both houses of the legislature in his first term. They claim Republicans filibuster all of Obama’s good ideas for saving the economy and they hold Republicans responsible for unemployment, foreign disasters and domestic unrest with minorities and women. They blame Republicans for student loan interest rate increases despite that the rate change was a Democrat idea. They believe Republicans ruined the economy on purpose to, somehow, help the rich. They believe Republicans want to deny people medical care because Republicans are mean. They believe Republicans want to undo the civil rights laws and women’s suffrage. And when ObamaCare destroys our economy and our medical care, Democrats and their media allies will blame Republicans and over half the voters will believe them. Time and time again I’ve pointed out how destructive the national media are and how they are now active propagandists for extreme left-wing Democrats.  The Republican establishment better get that message.

If Republicans don’t get as mean and aggressive in the propaganda war as the collectivist, statist Democrats, they will cease to exist, much less win elected office. Any strategy that delays the fight will only make us weaker. That is a fundamental rule of war.


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