Opting Out of Utopia

I’ve had running arguments with people in person, on Facebook and Twitter about Obamacare. Most recently I was accused of wanting people to die in the streets from want of health care. Was that person born last week? Were people dying in the streets in 1950, 1960, 1970, before the great savior of all mankind gave us Obamacare? Are people dying in the streets today, before Obamacare is fully implemented?

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Of course, we were told that the whole reason we needed Obmacare is because there are 30 million uninsured Americans. That number was always fraudulent because it included many people who could afford insurance but declined to purchase it and many people who were uninsured for only a couple months between jobs. At least President Obama has changed that. Now people are years between jobs, not just months. Nevertheless, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that under Obamacare there will still be 30 million uninsured Americans.

Obamacare is more expensive, more coercive, has fewer choices and doesn’t reduce the number of uninsured. But the defenders are rabid and unrepentant. They have argued that, indeed, it is flawed, but when we finally get to a single payer system we will see great improvements in the affordability and accessibility of health care. Neither graphs, nor statistics nor anecdotes about death and suffering under single payer systems cause the Obamacare supporters to pause one little bit and check their facts or premises. These individuals are not moved by the documented history of suffering wrought by state-run medicine from Bismark to Lenin to Castro to England, Canada or Sweden. They are True Believing Leftists (TBL). And despite their self-image, they are cold and heartless, unmoved by human suffering.

My graphs, data and anecdotes are met with accusations of being a TEA Party #Kochsucker who uses made up statistics. I’m told to “PLZ TAKE HEAD OUT OF ASS” and I’m treated to other, unassailable, and scientific arguments along those same lines.

So I have one last question for all the Obamacare TBLs, zealots, zombies and aging communists: Where do I go to opt-out of your Utopia? Certainly, such a brilliant bit of social engineering as is Obamacare can stand on it’s own merits. Certainly it has features and benefits so attractive that it will sell itself. But, if for now, I’m unconvinced, where do I go to opt-out? And when you get your single-payer-paradise, where do I go to opt-out of that brainstorm by your wizards of smart?

Of course, the answer is I can’t opt-out. I probably haven’t heard all the rationalizations about how it’s imperative to include all 300 million Americans in this scheme but the arguments I have heard so far include, “You can’t opt out of police and fire protection” and “It only works if everyone is included.” The first is false, depending on where you live.

I like that second one in particular. Supposedly single payer, government medicine works in Sweden, Great Britain and Canada. Those populations aren’t EVERYONE, are they? If success depends on everyone being included, does that mean they depend on some mythical rich people who will just hang out and get fleeced rather than move themselves and their money to Belize or Taiwan? Does that mean that doctors, nurses and other medical professionals need to be owned by the government?

In a free society, those who believe in collectivism could simply start their own collective, pool their resources, and have whatever social arrangement they wanted short of human sacrifice. But they almost never want that. The TBLs always, always, always need to force others into bondage for there supposed “greater good.” Sometimes they need to steal from the rich and other times they need to enslave the doctors. But they always need to coerce us all into participating.

Why can’t the TBLs just open one, huge, joint checking account and have all their wages direct-deposited there. They would each get a checkbook and could write checks against the account for their modest needs. It would be the perfect Leftist Utopia, from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. I would support a Federal Law, exempting participants in that Utopia from having to pay any Federal, State or local taxes so long as the Utopia operated along true Marxist-Lenninist principles. Of course, they would lose the right to vote in MY elections. But, then, I wouldn’t be able to vote in theirs either.

So, go out among us and ask your Leftie friends why we can’t just opt-out of their brilliant social engineering concoctions. I would love to collect and document the answers and their explanations of why they think they own us.


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