When Takers Are In Charge

On Oct 1st the Great Utopia was rolled out. The Obamacare website, healthcare.gov, opened for business. Well, it opened. Doing any business was another thing. Two months have gone by since the roll out and the list of ObamaCare Chartproblems disclosed continues to grow.   Mark Steyn on NRO give his take on the debacle here, and reveals that the Obamacare website is exempt from the HIPAA privacy requirement for medical information. In other words, if you go there your information is not kept private or secret.

A sober look at the problems was done by betanews: “If you wanted to build a case study in the perfect recipe for IT project disaster, you wouldn’t have to look any further than the new official Obamacare website, Healthcare.gov.” And now we are hearing reports that the programming for Obamacare was awarded through a no-bid contract to a Michelle Obama crony and that the same company was awarded $1.7 B in Sandy relief.

Even reliable Leftie Jon Stewart got into the act, “You can’t spin this turd.”

More recently, evaluations by experts conclude that the site is full of flaws and still a security nightmare, as CNBC reports here. The same expert speaks with Greta van Susteren here.

But, healthcare.gov is not plagued by glitches. It is plagued by takers.  The Democrat Party and, in particular, the Obama Administration represent the “business” of big government, of taxes and bureaucrats, and so they best represent the takers in our society. They are the party of parasites. Very few Democrat politicians have a private sector background compared to Republicans who, much more often, have had careers outside of politics.

As a result, Leftist projects are plagued by the lack of practical experience of their politically appointed managers. They are more interested in hidden agendas, political positioning and perception management than results that meet their alleged goals. The media and voters who cheer-lead Leftist projects are stricken by a hero worship of their leaders and an apparent lack of critical thinking skills when it comes to talking points versus performance.

Note how little concern the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party have for the healthcare.gov security issues. Note how the site is designed to prevent comparative shopping until after a user has entered a great deal of very private information. Note how the proponents of Obamacare continue to sell the talking points without any reference to what is actually in the law. That’s why they could deny, for months, what was apparent to the rest of us, that Obamacare would force us to give up our private insurance. Even now, while it is obvious that corporate insurance policies will be cancelled in mass next year so companies can cost-shift their, now unaffordable, benefits to the Federal Government, Obamacare supporters ignore or deny the possibility.

Government idolaters believe that, somehow, replacing competing insurance companies with a single payer government run system will make healthcare affordable. They believe that with no evidence and with much evidence to the contrary even in their personal experience. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and even AmTrak are all insolvent. And their websites and systems were designed when Democrats were still reasonable. But, somehow, Obamacare will be an economic miracle.

Or maybe they don’t believe any of that. Maybe that’s just one of the many rationalizations they hope will convince normal people to go along with their folly. I suspect what most of them really believe is that government run health care will make it easier for them to live at the expense of others. And isn’t that the real goal. They don’t care if Obmacare costs others more or even bankrupts families so long as they get theirs.

As I see it, the Left is divided into three broad groups, those who are naively well meaning, those that want something for nothing and even resent having to work for their necessities, and, finally, those that have an insatiable need to boss other people around, who seek unlimited physical power over others. That is, they are the naive, the moochers and the tyrants. Obamacare is the perfect metaphor for all three and the Obamacare failures are what you get when any of the three groups is in charge.


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