The Amazing Dollar a Year Healthcare Plan

Yes friends. Step right up. With all the hoopla over Obamacare and how cheap medicine is in every other country but the US I have, after months of consultation with industry experts, come up with the ideal medical plan for Amerika.

Invetors Business Daily Poll

Invetors Business Daily Poll

Do you say your insurance is too expensive? Fear not. LibertyPhysics healthcare is $1 a year. Do you say that other countries spend much less money on healthcare than we do in the USA? No problem. Tell your friends to sign up for the LibertyPhysics $1/year plan and before you know it our average healthcare costs will be billions less than the competition in other countries.

How do we do it you ask? Well, I’ll be proud to tell you. Our plan was researched thoroughly by the top lawyers, politicians and homeless people in the country. After months of deliberation, the finely crafted contract appears below:

Your Uber-Wonderful LibertyPhysics All-Encompassing and Affordable Heath Care Contract

1) Cost: $1 per year payable to LibertyPhysics

2) Deductible: Everything you spend

3) What’s Covered: Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. For the good of Amerika and for bragging rights about how little we spend on healthcare we don’t cover anything – not doctor visits, emergency rooms, dental, eye, or prescriptions. Moreover, so we can control costs, you are forbidden from paying for your own stuff. So you can’t pay your doctor. You can’t pay for the emergency room. You can’t pay for surgery. Yes Sandra, that includes abortions, hysterectomies, tubal legations, and anything else you can think of.

4) Self Medication: Just to make sure we don’t get the blame for costs you run up on your own, you are legally forbidden from growing a medicinal herb garden, doing self surgery, including appendectomies, arterial stents and anything else you might think you can cleverly get away with because of your home shop. And don’t even think about running away to Costa Rica or Hungary. We will track you down.

So see. Wasn’t that easy – and in far fewer than 3,000 pages.


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