Our Banana Republic – Part I

I’ve been an advocate of free markets and political liberty based on individual rights for many years. I always assumed that my intellectual opponents had a different set of values and a different way of reasoning than I did. So I felt my mission was to persuade them of the superiority of individual rights and free market Capitalism over Socialism.

But, over the years I began to wonder if there wasn’t something else motivating the movers and shakers of Socialism in America. They compromised on nothing. No graph, no statistic, no analysis seemed to persuade them or make them reconsider their ideology. Yet, the utter failure of central economic planning and social engineering historically and around the world was manifest. What could they be thinking?

Ayn Rand famously said that in the face of a seeming contradiction such as this, we should “check our premises” because contradictions are impossible in the real world. So let’s check our premises. Do the Democrats, Leftists, Socialists and others in that camp have, as a goal, social justice, or justice of any kind? Or is something else going on? This is the first of a series where I intend to construct a case against the notion of the well meaning Socialist. To get things started here I present, for your consideration, this video that lists the Clinton scandals:


One Response to “Our Banana Republic – Part I”

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