Peasant – Our Banana Republic – Part II

The question is simple. Does the Left have any real interest in solving the problem they claim to want to solve. Or do they have another agenda? I first began to question their motives regarding the gun control debate.

More Guns Less CrimeThe pro Second Amendment crowd points out, often, statistics such as how few “assault weapons” are used in crimes, and that the term “assault weapon” does not apply to civilian guns, and how no proposed gun law would have prevented whatever shouting is in the headlines or how murderers and terrorists break multiple laws committing their crimes so why would we think a new law would deter them, etc. etc. Additionally, the pro-gun folks cite research showing that more guns equal less crime,  gun-free zones are killing fields and the most dangerous cities have the most onerous gun laws.

None of these arguments cause the Leftist to even pause. Worse, none of these arguments cause the Leftist to tone down their hateful rhetoric even slightly. After many years of observing this immunity to fact I had to wonder if the Left really cared about protecting people from crime or if they were just pretending.  If you really cared about something wouldn’t you care if your prescriptions worked? Not if you are a Leftist.

After years of petty debates with Lefties, I had to come to the inevitable conclusion that the Left has absolutely no concern about gun crime. Their concern is a ploy to mask a different agenda, that is, to disarm the public. So it does not matter what other solutions are offered. Those will all be rejected no matter how effective. That’s why the Left reacts strongest against the best alternative ideas.

So even though the President’s children and the children of other elites in DC are protected at the Sidwell Friends School by armed guards plus the Secret Service it’s a stupid idea to put armed guards in schools if the NRA suggests it. Politicians, such as former mayor Bloomberg, lecture us on the evil of guns, especially ones with lots of bullets while surrounded, like a potentate, by armed guards and a total number of guns and bullets than most of us could not afford while advocating that his constituents are banned from owning even one gun or one bullet.

If you have ever seen the President traveling through Washington, you were stunned by the parade of armored cars surrounding him, carrying machine guns, speeding through red lights, while you and the rest of the peasants are held back by police foot soldiers reacting to the distant signal that the President, the most high holy, may piece be upon him, is coming.

One is forced to come to only one, unavoidable conclusion: The Left, despite their claims, are NOT interested in our welfare, NOT interested in our safety, NOT interested in our well being nor our happiness. They are only interested in a statist, collectivist utopia where they are in charge and where we labor day and night only to fund their privileges and power over us. An armed public stands in their way so disarming the public is their highest priority.

In other words, the goal of the “progressives” is to push back the clock to before the Enlightenment and the Founding, to even before the Magna Carta, to push back the clock to when there were kings and dukes and everyone else was, effectively, a serf.


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