Bathroom Wars – “Don’t Sh*t and Old Sh*tter”

The Federal “Justice” department has threatened and is now suing North Carolina over it’s more than reasonable “bathroom law” which states, simply, that people with a penis should use the men’s room and people with a vagina should use the ladies’ room. The North Carolina law was in response to a law passed in Charlotte ordering all bathrooms to be “gender” neutral.

Transgender toiletGiven my complete cynicism and disdain regarding the Leftist agenda, motives and reasoning, I call the the Justice Department actions pure bunkum. I’m not saying they can’t jail people or punish them. I’m saying they don’t give two cents about gay or lesbian people or transgendered people just as they don’t care about black people or anyone else. This whole controversy is no more than a temporary tool to mess with our heads, divide us and help permanently destroy the legal basis of our Republic. The goal, of course, is political power and turning us into surfs of Leftist elites.

The proper response is not just to counter sue, as North Carolina did, but to redirect the Saul Alinsky tactics back at Loretta Lynch and Barak Obama. I suggest a “sh*t in” (Alynsky’s term) where mobs of concerned citizens, consisting of both men and women, clog Federal Government toilets. The braver men and women should go to the opposite sex’s toilet. The Robert F. Kennedy Justice building should be the first building considerd for the consciousness raising and fumigation.




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