Bathroom Wars II – Harassment

The basic tactic of the Left is harassment. If you are at a party and someone moves well within your personal space, you might move away from them to a more comfortable distance. What if they then not only move closer to you but begin poking you in the ribs? Perhaps you again move away from them. And, what if, again, they follow you and continue to poke you in the ribs?

OuthouseThis is what the Left does. No matter what concessions are made for their philosophy or ideology, they continue to push the envelope and continue to invade our comfort zone. You would think that after the Supreme Court declared gay marriage a right in all 50 states the Left would take a short break and celebrate. Nope. They came up with something else to use to poke us in the ribs.

The Obama administration on May 13th, 2016 declared that all institutions that receive federal funding must allow men who “self identify as women” to use the women’s restroom or lose funding. Let’s put the several Constitutional issues aside for a moment. Discussing the Constitution would be appropriate but would ignore the fine point, that the motivation for this edict has nothing to do with civil rights, transgender people, fairness or anything reasonable. It’s only about “fu**ing with our heads” as my crude college classmates would say. It’s about establishing social superiority by the Left and their continuously moving into our personal space, this time literally, and daring us to do something about it.

Americans are a polite and kind people so are easily preyed upon by this Leftist tactic of attacking the culture while instilling guilt. It’s past time we stopped putting up with these Alynsky tactics and stood our ground, maybe stepping into the Left’s personal space a little. The alternative is to have the rule of law destroyed completely and the social compact with it.

Just so you know I’ve thought about it, here are the Constitutional issues:

  1. The Obama rule is, effectively, a law, and only Congress can pass laws.
  2. The Obama rule puts conditions on existing funding and, therefore, violates a previous Supreme Court decision stating that the executive cannot put conditions on existing funding that were not put there by Congress.
  3. The Obama rule violates the 10th Amendment that gives the states jurisdiction over matters not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution. (Old fashioned view I know)

However, I reiterate, this isn’t best addressed by referring to the Constitution or legal precedent. This is addressed by understanding that the Left is not well meaning, not for good, not for rights, not for gays or blacks or women. Those groups are just pawns. The Left is for raw, fascistic, political power over all of us, including transgendered people, with the benefit that we then become serfs who toil without end while they become our lords and masters who confiscate our property, our wealth and our dignity.



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