The Coming Dark Age

As I write this, Hillary Clinton leads in the polls to become the next President of the United States. Clinton supporters are unaware or ignore the nature of their candidate and the machine she controls. One does not have to read Dinesh D’Souza’s books, such as “Stealing America,” or “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer to suspect something dirty about Hillary Clinton. Here is a recent release by Project Veritas on the felonious activities of the Clinton Campaign:


Hillary Clinton was an admirer of Saul Alinsky, who, besides writing “Rules for Radicals” worked for the Capone gang in Chicago. I don’t know if Alinsky was a true believing “radical” or if that was just a con to get mindless supporters for his criminal shake-down operation.

Similarly, I don’t know if Hillary Clinton is a true believing Communist or if her rhetoric to the public is just a con job to cover her criminal behavior that includes the Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme, sales of US technology to China and others or her pay for play operation with foreign governments. Certainly the WikiLeaks email release contains strong evidence that her public pronouncements contradict her private discussions with banks and other large corporations.

But the bottom line, in any case, is this: The likely election of Hillary Clinton will enmesh a huge crime operation into the most powerful political position in the world, a position that controls the largest economy and military in the world. It’s easy to see why Hillary would be an opponent of the Second Amendment, put into the Constitution as a last defense against Federal tyranny. If tyranny is your plan, the Constitution is your enemy.

Hillary’s economic plan, if you read between the lines, is little more than a transfer of taxpayer money to special interests and has no hope of improving the economy, as this article by Peter Morici explains.

Perhaps you don’t believe that Hillary is a criminal. Perhaps you believe she is a savior, defender of women and the poor. If so, you really haven’t been paying attention. Even a superficial investigation of the public record on Hillary yields a long line of criminal scandals from her eviction from the Watergate committee for corruption, to the Whitewater scam to the Travel Office scandal and the Cattle Futures scheme, etc. The Great Defender of Women has been accused of threatening women, having their homes broken into, threatening their children and killing pets.

If you think the FBI cleared her of criminal activities you didn’t hear or passed over the details of Director Comey’s talk to the nation. And you missed this exchange in Congress:

Her private email server violated several Federal statutes including the Federal Records Act, the Espionage Act, the Freedom of Information Act and probably others, all felonies, some with jail time. The obvious reason for her server was to mask her criminal activities. Had she been indicted for her crimes she would have brought many others in the Administration down with her because, obviously, they would have seen the origin of her emails to them and been guilty of violating some of the same laws she did. Defenders of the Clinton Foundation have yet to explain how, out of millions, maybe billions donated to Haiti, the county only received two to three percent of the money. That’s only one example.

The only thing I am certain of is that, under Hillary Clinton, we will descend closer to third world status, lose most of our individual rights as Americans, including free speech, religion and arms, face a Federal bankruptcy due to the $20+ Trillion in operating debt and over $200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities due by min-century. And what I am most certain of is when the calamity happens Capitalism and Conservatives will be blamed.



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