Democrats, Obama Admit Veracity of Wikileaks

President Obama, the Democrat Party and their underling “news” media have been playing up, for days, an alleged Russian computer hack claiming it tilted the election toward Trump. Their evidence is summarized in a document released by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI about current Russian hacking. Hat tip to Slashdot News, my source of the story about the 13 page document which outlines redsquare_saintbasile_pixinn-netRussian computer exploits in 2015 and 2016, including breaking into the systems of a US political party and into one or more individual computer accounts as late as November of 2016.

That document is very vague on important details such as which political party was hacked, which individuals were compromised and if the hack has any connection with the Wikileaks release before the election that got Conservatives and some Republicans up in arms over the nefarious activities of the Democrat party and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

So, we don’t know if the FBI report is referring to the Democrat Party, Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta (who’s emails went public thanks to Wikileaks) or Wikileaks itself. In addition, the legacy media swept the Wikileaks revelations under the rug, so the only people who knew about them were mostly Conservatives and others who patronized talk radio and new media and who were likely Trump voters anyway.

The public has, in my opinion, been manipulated by the media, through association, into assuming some false and some unproven claims. They include that, somehow, the Russians hacked voting machines (considered dubious to impossible)  or that the Russians were the source of the Wikileaks documents. That assumption has been denied by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Finally, the media would have you believe that the Wikileaks release or the equally unreported Project Veritas investigation of the Hillary campaign made a difference anyway.

However, neither President Obama, nor the Democrat Party, nor the Clinton Campaign, none of them, have questioned the accuracy or honesty of the Wikileaks release or the Project Veritas video evidence. The video evidence is pretty hard to dispute. But I think the reason they have not disputed the veracity of the Wikileaks information is the fear that a whistleblower will come forward to confirm it, so why even try. Assange has said he got the information from a Democrat insider concerned about a Hillary Presidency. There are suspicions that insider has been silenced. But there may be others.

Look at the bright side: The Democrats, 25 years after the end of the cold war, finally admit the Russians may be a threat. Democrats, after vehiment denials for several years, admit there could be election fraud. Democrats and the President, by focusing on “hacking” are admitting that the damning content of the Wikileaks release is truthful. That content points to a completely corrupt, malicious and dishonest Democrat Party.


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