Shut Down the Government – Forever!

We are told that if the Republican majority in Congress doesn’t cave to the demands of the Democrat minority, it is the Republicans who will be responsible for shutting down the government when the Democrats filibuster the spending bills needed to keep the government open.

052212constitutionFirst off, the whole government shutdown hysteria is nonsense. The government shuts down every weekend when “non-essential” employees go home. When there is a budget related shutdown only the non-essential services are curtailed and only the non-essential employees are sent home. After the shutdown all back wages are paid to those employees. Services like delivering Social Security checks goes on unabated during a shutdown.

Democrats scream they are opposed to a shutdown. But wait! Haven’t Democrats and Leftists in particular, told us, for many years, that the Constitution is illegitimate, that it was written by old white slave owners and was created to enshrine slavery and protect the privileges of the rich at the expense of the poor? And, besides, we are told, it is obsolete because the Founders used muskets and we have rifles and the Founders couldn’t anticipate the Internet or the airplane. (All of that is false in many ways of course.)

Why can they have it both ways? If the Constitution is illegitimate and irrelevant and anachronistic, why oppose cutting down it’s creation? Let’s tear it up and, with it, the government it established. Let’s give the Left what they claim to want, no slave-owner, obsolete Constitution and, therefore, an un-united states without a federal government.

Sure, there are some, few, negatives. But if we sell off the national parks and the military, another organization the Left hates, to the people or the states, we may be able to pay off the federal obligations to current Social Security recipients. The remaining debt can be apportioned among the states with the “blue” states getting the lion’s share, since they are such fans of spending.

But, think of the benefits of a permanent government shutdown, a real one, not the fake ones we have been having: No income tax, no alcohol tax, no regulations, no federal mandates to schools, no bailouts of banks or cities. The plusses just might outweigh the minuses, such as no federal military.

I suspect my idea will fail to take hold. As a compromise, I propose we have sanctuary cities and sanctuary states where I can go to be shielded from federal taxes and regulations. That idea is so very modest I’m sure it will be supported by both Democrats and Republicans.



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